Canning and White Elephants

Hey hey!

What a beautiful evening we are having here in Northeast Ohio!   You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well then…lazy butt…why aren’t you outside working???”

Trust me, I have already had guilt over this detail.

But, when I made the agenda for the evening, it was dreary and looked like it was going to rain most of the evening.

So, although…I have a whole pile of plant donations (thank you to everyone who is helping to get these gardens in shape!!!) to get in the ground, I decided to get some inside chores done.


The evening started with this really cool guy coming out to the house to talk to me about the barn!  As I have said before, I LOVE finding other people who have a similar passion for these old buildings like I do.  Big thanks to Randy Smith of Ohio Valley Barn Salvage!  With his expertise, we were able to determine that parts of the barn are from around 1840, while the majority of it was built around 1880.

He called my barn a white elephant.


So, the house is a Purple Cow and the barn is a White Elephant…what’s going on around here?  Pink Chickens next???

Apparently, it’s unique for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it is a mess of two barns put together.  Two, it has milled beams that are long enough that they would have had to have been cut in the late 19th century.  However, the quirk, it is still assembled with pegs.

Did you know there was such a thing as Sears and Montgomery Ward barns? Just like the houses???  SO COOL! They were being produced at the turn of the century and it was at that time that barns generally started to be assembled with nails.

So, all of this being said.  The bad boy is going to stay exactly where it is for at least the next year.  Just going to wait out the options.  I’m still playing the lottery…still writing Ellen…so there are still possibilities!  Heck, I even chased a rainbow tonight!


Either way, the best part was having another great conversation with a stranger about something as cool as an old barn.  I can not begin to tell you how many times over the last 7 months, this house and adventure have given me opportunities to meet new people and learn a little more every day!  For that alone, I am so grateful!

So, topics up next…canning, a brief history on mortar (waiting in anticipation….I know!) and gardening.  I am sure, just because I am me…that there will also be at least one random insight on something mixed in there.  Vague, huh?  Luckily for me, that whole ramble made perfect sense…at least in my head!

Back to the canning adventures!


There’s your hint!  More to come on that!

Peace out peeps.