if I had a kid, chapter 2

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away….called the internet….I wrote a blog post about “if I had a kid”. The concept was that I would use this title to share little tidbits of wisdom that I have come to value throughout my life journey.

The first one was about showering.

Probably a good thing I haven’t had kids.

However, if you’re dying to read it, here ya go…click away! lol!

Anyway, today’s contribution is hopefully a little more deep that keeping up with basic hygiene. I want to take a moment to dig into something super important to me, which is taking a moment to realize that every single person around you is going through a laundry list of stressful items that are playing on their souls every damn day.

Putting it shortly.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

I myself am so guilty of getting caught up in my own drama (even though I work so hard to cut drama out left and right!). It is SO easy to let your life become all consuming. To the point where you come across that person while your in a store, or a restaurant and you snap at them. The innocent victim. You have not idea what’s going on with them and frankly vice versa.

At the end of the day, we are ALL bogged down with too much stress. We are ALL doing the very best we can to keep our boats from sinking. We are ALL juggling mental, physical and emotional health battles.

However, I believe taking those moments to breathe, step back….reassess and just remember, we are all human. We are ALL in this mess together. So, here is a quick list of some of the things that I have to remind myself to do sometimes that might help someone have a better day.

  • be kind
  • let them chose what is for dinner
  • practice a random act of kindness
  • hold the door for someone
  • make them a cup of tea or coffee
  • when they ask for a ride, give it
  • smile at strangers (they might think you’re creepy, but they might smile back, ya never know!)
  • crack a joke and get someone laughing
  • check in on people
  • don’t go out of your way to be a jerk
  • actually comment on their social media instead of the distant “like” button
  • call them (especially if they actually like to talk on the phone)
  • compliments are always a solid choice, especially when they are legit
  • park farther away and let someone else get a closer spot
  • be patient with people
  • do not lose your mind over a piece of limp lettuce on a sandwich on the poor cashier
  • thank people, thank them a lot
  • prizes, everyone loves prizes
  • fill up your brother’s car when he lets you borrow it
  • clean up the dog crap
  • if they need a hug, give it…it won’t kill ya
  • put things in perspective
  • let someone have control of the tv remote
  • empathically listen when they are talking, there doesn’t always need to be a fix
  • when someone trusts you, don’t break it

Now, some of these might seem super specific, they are! lol! Some of these are examples of what some of my friends have gone through this week alone.

So, take a moment, breath…you got this! So do your friends….but we all need each other.

Next post….the finished Tunisian scarf! I know you are just tingling with anticipation.

Peace out peeps.


Well, it’s official!  We had the first ever event at Legacy Studio.  It wasn’t related to Art at all, or even being creative, but it was most definitely part of creating a legacy.  Family, friends, food and fun…and a GORGEOUS fall Ohio day, it doesn’t get much better, truly.


Huge thanks to my Momma.  She rocks.  I’m trying to convince her that she should start a party planning business.  What she did to make this event happen…AMAZING!


My Daddy-O…couldn’t have done it without him and the abrupt change of plans.  He was literally the knight in shining armor who saved the day!  I don’t have a good pic of him from the day and I’m sure he won’t be too upset if he’s not advertised to the world!

SW…you know who you are.  I’m sure you wouldn’t care if I put you on blast, but regardless…THANK YOU!  Between you and the photographer, the day would have not been documentated, or gone nearly as smoothly!

Jack…thanks to them, there are pictures for you to enjoy from your balmy new dig!

The official event photographer! Everything was taken from the vantage point of a 6 year old! LOVE IT!
The official event photographer! Everything was taken from the vantage point of a 6 year old! LOVE IT!

Finally, to EVERYONE who came out and enjoyed the day with me, THANK YOU!  Personal thank you notes will be coming, but honestly, the couch was far more inviting last night than writing thank you notes.  No, seriously, this is a HUGE, far-fetched crazy idea I’m trying to put together.  Seeing your faces, feeling you fill the house with your love and support, just reminds me why I want to try to make this happen.  It needs to happen.  There are too many wonderful experiences we let slip by because we are just frankly too busy with everything else.

Oh wait…how could I forget!?!?!?!?!

Thanks to the mutts…for reminding me how spoiled you truly are!

The aftermath...
The aftermath…

Now that the party is over, get ready!  Lots of work will be starting and I’m hoping for some input from everyone on some decisions, stay tuned!