So, shocker….I have something to say on this topic.  I know…right???


I hate resolutions.  In fact, I never make them.  Every year, I toss around the idea, but never follow through.  What is the point?

Now, I have friends who are religious about their resolutions and I have nothing but admiration and respect for them.  In fact, anyone who can be that dedicated to something.

But, for me, resolutions should not be a once a year even.  Reflection and resolutions should occur throughout the year, even daily.  Because, in my humble experience, things happen from minute to minute that can change your outlook on your life.  Why do you need one holiday to make something happen?  You shouldn’t!

Apparently, I’m not alone either.  One quick Google search proved that there are plenty of people out there, for various reasons, who don’t believe in making resolutions.

So, here’s to a glorious New Year’s!  Do what you want and what is best for you at this time in your life!  That could change next week and you should be ready to adapt accordingly.  Life if about change.  Give and take.  Being about to bend and flex.  Here’s to YOU!!!


Stay safe out there tonight!

Peace out peeps.


Yep, you read that right.

I was told this week, via text…which was awesome….by someone I hardly know…which is even more AWESOME…that I was parsimonious with my feelings.

I immediately felt like an idiot.

I am a smart girl.  But I had no clue what that meant.  With a quick google search, I felt like even more of an idiot.

Basically, he was stating that I was frugal or stingy  the context was slightly wrong…but I’ll let that slide) with my feelings.

How dare he!

He doesn’t know me!

How can a stranger try to peg me as frugal and stingy with my feelings!?!?!?!?!

Then I realized…maybe he is sensing that I had already erected the wall.  The wall of bitchy.  The wall of, “I don’t have patience for your drama so I am using a limited word count to finish any conversation with you.”

In that regard, he was spot on.

All of this brings me to this point…

Although there has been great interest from my friends and family to share the screenshots of what these lovely gems in the online dating world have sent me, I am trying to be the bigger person and not embarrass the crap out of these men.  Even though, I am fairly confident that they wouldn’t have any idea that their behavior should be embarrassing as grown ass men.


However, I will share the following insights I have learned from my online dating experiences.

  1. Correct grammar is imperative.  I am THAT judgmental.  If you can not write a sentence that utilizes basic capitalization and punctuation, you are officially on target with my kindergarten students.  I refuse to date a 5 year old. Or even suffer through a texting conversation.
  2. Do NOT lie on your profile.  I was raised by a family of police officers.  I am a teacher.  I will see through your crap in two seconds.  I will judge you for that also.
  3. Use your brain.  Don’t ask me my name.  Don’t ask me where I live.  Those two details happen to be posted on my profile (no worries peeps…not the exact location).  But it tells me a lot about you, you are lazy and you don’t use your brain.
  4. If I go so far as to come meet you…especially at your home.  Try to make it look like you care enough about me to walk through the house and clean up the clutter and trash.  Because when I walk into a place and immediately feel like you are really looking for a maid….I will peace out faster than have ever seen a girl move.
  5. I am sure there are many, many more….but I don’t want to bore you with my rant.

If you are out there with me in the dating cesspool… Check out this article for more guidance and hope in this crazy world!  I am going to see if any of the tips help weed out the scum!


Back to the house next time!

Peace out peeps.


Things that go creek in the night…

Morning everyone!

Well, last night was the first night of the cleaning endeavor.  I had to drag my dear friend “J” with me, because honestly…she’s a cleaning machine!  So, we picked up our favorite pizza, had a bottle of wine and decided to tackle the kitchen and first floor bathroom.

We had just finished unpacking the car and were standing there getting ready to enjoy our first meal in the new house….that’s when it happened.


Or maybe it was more like,




Either way, we were standing completely still and it most definitely came from the other room.  She immediately explained it away that there was a cat living in the house that somehow got in with all the people who have been coming and going lately.  I immediately started talking to the ghosts and telling them that I was friendly and I just wanted them to be happy too. Either way, it happened.  I heard it.  We heard it.

Now, this is not my first old house to live in.  My current house was built in 1929 and my parents house was built in 1939.  However, this is by far the OLDEST house I have lived in.  I am totally prepared to have some ethereal roommates.  The good news, there won’t be an argument over whether or not the toilet paper should be over or under.

The Learning Curve

So, this might be surprising to many of you…but tackling the house and renovating it doesn’t really scare me.  However, building a website for the future business and to document the journey…scaring the hell out of me!  Talk about an intense learning curve!  But the good news, it’s getting better day by day.  The downside, I have not taken packing nearly as seriously as I should have!

Tonight is the first night of cleaning.  I evicted the creepy crawlers Wednesday night, so now it’s time to start the purge of grossness.  There’s plenty of it.  No worries.

I might not post much this weekend, but no worries…Monday, I’ll be back, with pictures!!

Remember, everything happens for a reason.  I don’t care what you believe, but there is a much bigger plan for all of us controlled by someone/something much bigger than us.  Two months ago, I would have never imagined that this would be my new reality.  Yet, here I am!  Ready for this crazy journey to really get started.  Have a great weekend everyone!!