Winter Break.

Good morning!

So, about three weeks ago, I started my winter break.  A family friend posed the question to Momma D., “So, what is Lyndsey going to get into over break this time??”

The answer is simple…absolutely nothing.

Well, my version of nothing.  I still managed to tackle a fairly decent To Do list.  I started with finally putting some attention into the craft room closet.  It was in desperate need of some repair work and a coat of paint.

Funny story.

Being the frugal person I am, I totally thought I had a gallon of white paint leftover from something.  I was so excited!  I’ll finish it up on that silly closet! So, I get all of the repair work done and I am ready to paint.  I dig out the gallon and crack it open ready to go….it’s a solid block of paint.  I guess leaving it in the garage to freeze wasn’t a good idea.


So, remember back when I tried painting the hallway the first time and that horrible jade/teal weird color.  Yep, you guessed it!

After much patching, painting and some new shelves….I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Obviously, it could always be better.  But this is a definite improvement.


The other big project I have been working on over the last couple of months is a kitchen island.

Mind you, this idea stemmed from wanting a dishwasher and this seemed to be the easiest solution.  Back in July, I set up the ironing board with one of my doors laying across it to see if I liked the “concept”.

My dad officially thought I lost my mind.

Seven months later, I have got a pretty good thing going.  It’s still not done, knowing that I need to finish trimming it out and finish the “storage” side.  But I can’t lie, I am in love.

The best part is, remember this piece of wood?


That came from this scary basement?


Well, officially….that piece of wood has become my kitchen island.  This is the progress so far.


Once it is completely done with trim and everything, I hope to write a blog post about just this project.  But I was too excited to not share the progress thus far!

Ok friends, stay warm out there!

Peace out peeps.


I crack myself up.

Seriously, I have NO idea where time goes.  I am also painfully aware that almost every post references this point.  But geez….it’s OCTOBER!!!!

Well, I have been a busy little bee.  I am back in school (which greatly affects my project time…waiting to win the lotto!) and have been utilizing every Sunday for the last 6 weeks or so to wrap up projects at the house.  We have been in a moderate drought here in NE Ohio, which although is terrible for vegetation, has been wonderful for painting on the house!

As of this past Sunday, I THINK I am done with all of the outside painting.

**Minus cleaning one window and putting a second coat on one door. **

I added a few extra projects…so overall, I am thrilled where the 2017 work season is ending up!

One of the addon projects was painting the exterior of the laundry room. This is the newest part of the house, built sometime around 1910 and was definitely an eye sore.


There are definitely lotto dreams for this little room, but for the time being, it just needed a little makeover!


Sometime this summer, dad also donated me his fav stool.  I ALMOST feel guilty, but I love that little thing and it comes in so handy!  It’s been in the family for YEARS.  I grew up remembering Gramps using it in the shop.


Honestly, I still can’t believe Dad parted with it.  I don’t think he would appreciate me sharing this pic, but it’s one of my favs.  Mom, don’t tell!

Anywho, I digress.  So, the exterior is all painted.  This isn’t the most current pic, but you get the idea.  The rain moved in and I haven’t been able to snap a better pic.  That upstairs window is painted now too,  you’ll have to take my word for it!

.IMG_20171002_185409716 (1)

I also managed to cram a crapload of Fall decor into my overused, tired Mazda to decorate for the season.  Hands down the best car I have ever owned.

So, thank you again for reading along the journey!  It’s been crazy.  But with the darkness setting in and winter coming…I hope to write a little more!


Peace out peeps.

A new hat.

After 160 years, my old girl got a new hat.

Now, it might not have been the hat some of you would have chosen.  But it is a new hat, that doesn’t leak and makes my insurance company happy and met my budget.  So, therefore, peanut gallery…hush.

On this past Monday, all hands were on deck from the most wonderful roofing company ever.  They started really early and I was shocked at how fast the progress went.

I was very sad to see the slate go.  But no worries, they were able to save me quite a few pieces and I plan on doing something wonderful with them.  Once again, peanut gallery…the slate was literally was at a point where it was crumbling before it was even came off the roof.

Also, if I win the Powerball, I will have a slate roof put back on ASAP.



Out of all of the slate on the roof, this was my favorite side.  No idea why, but this was the only portion of the entire main roof that had this slate on it in this style.  It’s also a great picture, because that chimney and lightening rod are gone now too!


The big start!


This was one of the coolest things I learned through the process.  How when they built the house how they laid the planking for the roof.  Overall everything was in really good shape under the slate!  ALWAYS GOOD NEWS!


I was like a kid in a candy store watching all the fun progress throughout the first day!  I gave the driver a lot of credit, he backed up the really steep driveway on my very busy road!


This was the morning of Day 2, you can see the main roof is finished!  I can’t lie, putting the accent strip in was a big debate.  But now that  it’s  done, I LOVE it!  It’s just enough of a throwback to how the slate had a pattern in it.  Also, my roofer, “A”, was kind enough to point out that they were even going to make sure they were the same all the way around.

Gee, thanks!


By the end of Day 2, all of the work was done.  The laundry room on the back also has a new roof (including it’s own sexy little strip that you can only see from the door in the hallway upstairs) and the biggest change was the front porch that magically disappeared.

Peanut gallery…it will be restored…and this time correctly…and hopefully on both sides!

So, all in all, another big week around here.

My first day with kiddos is next Wednesday and the big goal is to have the windows 100% done before that point.  I can’t say how thrilled I am that I hadn’t just finished and cleaned all of those windows before they took the slate off.  I would have cried watching all of the dust float all over my clean windows.  So, now scrap and clean and finish up windows and the big projects for 2017 will be done!!

Peace out peeps.

And that’s a wrap…


AHHHHH!!  One of the things I will never be able to understand in this world is how fleeting time is.  Truly.  They weren’t lying when they said that the older you get….

Not to mention, it’s sad how much time I spend talking about time flying by.  Hmmm, ponder that.

Monday, I start back for the 2017-2018 school year and I can’t believe it.  I will be entering my 13th year teaching, can’t really believe that either.

But what I can believe is that I didn’t get my entire summer to do list done.  BUT, I am very close!  There will be a post coming in the next two weeks on the big window reveal…I think you’re gonna love it!  I do!

Also, the new roof is coming.  I am still really sad about losing the slate.  But I am going to be making sometime special with some of the salvageable slate to connect it to the house.

There is also a surprise project that I threw on the list last minute (no wonder I am not done!!).

So, until all these little updates wrap up…check out my Etsy shop.  Fall is right around the corner, which means…CROCHETING will be happening! Not to mention, Christmas is right around the corner.


Have a fabulous Saturday.  You’ve earned it.

Peace out peeps.



TWO MONTHS?!?!?!?!

You know, they say as you get older, times passes much faster.

No flipping joke.

I didn’t even write a post about the last Paint your Pet class.  I officially suck. Badly.

So, this is going to be a very BRIEF recap of the last two months, including some of my favorite pics from the Paint your Pet class!


Again, I can NOT thank the ladies who come out to these events more for their bravery and flair for life!  It is a blast to teach and watch each of them grow  in their skill, talent and confidence!

I ended the school year, another whirlwind in it’s own right and started back to work on projects around the house.

Although, I must confess, not with the same gusto as I have previously.  I was…and still slightly am….tired.  So, the month of June (which flew by faster than a fart in the gale force wind) was spent working in the garden and on little projects around the house.

Can’t lie, garden 2.0 is kicking my butt.  The weeds.  OH, THE WEEDS.  But I think I have  a pretty good handle on everything now (LOL, power of positive thinking, right?)!

No worries, it does NOT look like that now! I am slightly embarrassed to even share this picture.

Then there was hay.  Damn ponies need to eat, I guess.

Let’s be perfectly clear, no one is sure how I didn’t lose that load of hay and my horse acts like she is starving.

She is not.  For the record.

Then we did that whole car show thing.


Now, we do this car show every year (I have personally attended 38 years), but this year was one of the coolest!  It was a family event in all ways possible!  Plus, Dad got to take the flag car!

Then there was camping…


and hiking…


Finally, throw in there a broken Tracky….


Well, damn.  Now, that I look back on it, it has been a crazy couple of months!  It just wasn’t very crazy with house related stuff!

Good news is…July is going to be window month!  Starting Monday, I will be working on the windows (ugh, reminder to self, Monday is TOMORROW!).  So, you know…by December, I should have another update for y’all…at the rate I am going that is!

Listen, this week is the 4th of July.  Enjoy.  Remember, it’s about making moments count!

Peace out peeps!



Hallway Debacle.

As usual, months before I get a break from school, I start planning out what projects I am going to tackle.  Nothing was different for Spring Break.  Over break, the biggest project I wanted to get a handle on was the upstairs hallway.

I have officially done nothing upstairs.  Primarily because I literally didn’t know where to start.  It just seems like an endless stream of work up there.

But I knew I needed to.  I also knew that once I did, I would feel much better.

So, I start planning and hit Pinterest hard for some inspiration.

I first fell in love with this idea.


But I also loved this.


So, I was faced with the challenge of combining these two concepts with colors that I wanted.  I have been trying to put up a picture rail in every room I have done, so I was so excited when I realized I could make the whole hallway upstairs a bit of a gallery with the two tone paint.


Here we go!

First was dealing with the challenges of painting on steps.  I needed scaffolding.  Do you think we could find the community scaffolding between the 3 houses that make up the “community”?

Sure couldn’t.

Well, not until about 2 weeks after I was done.  Thanks J-Town for that text.

But being the resourceful girl that I am, I managed to make it work!IMG_20170330_085204576

The one thing I always under estimate in a project is the repair work.  Especially in this old house.  I mean, let’s be honest, you could literally repair forever…and never get it perfect.  But I decided a long time ago, that I didn’t want it perfect.  I want the house to look nice and that it has been loved, but it’s scars….they are a part of it’s history.  So, I like the imperfections…plus, I don’t have that kind of patience.

In my head, I knew I wanted to go for more “period” colors, vibrant, strong and bold.  I knew I wanted to have a dark brown picture rail and that I wanted to be able to use the hallways as a gallery of sorts for all kinds of fun stuff.    So, with all of that in mind, I put together my palette of colors and got started.  I have to admit, when I first started I was super excited.  As I continued, I became progressively more and more nervous.

By the end of the work…I was flat out scared.  I even tried painting the runs of the steps, thinking it would help.  I couldn’t even bring myself to put a second coat of teal on to cover the patch work.  But knowing how much work had been invested, I decided to live with it for a few days before I made the final call.

Three days later, I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I tried to tell myself that once the picture rail was installed, it would be ok.  But it wouldn’t.  I literally could not handle it.

It was the Sunday before I went back to school and I was back at Home Depot that morning buying more paint.

I cried to Momma D.  I had never been that off in color selection.  Granted, I have been getting more risky in my old age, but all of them always turn out so cool.

Not this time.


So much teal that it almost caused a negative physical reaction.

So, I ended up staying the same color family as the ceiling, just a few shades lighter.  I have to say, I love it a lot more!   Plus, the neutral wall will work a lot better to use the hallways as a gallery.  I still got my teal steps…which makes my heart happy.  So, now that I have been living with it for a month, it’s time to finish the rest of the hallway.

Did I mention that the hallway is really big?

Baby steps.

One month until Summer Break….no worries, the planning is in full swing!  Lots of things hopefully will be getting done.  That is unless I decide to spend the summer swinging in the hammock.

Yeah, right.

Ok friends…have a fabulous Saturday!

Peace out peeps.

Painting Pets.

Hey hey everyone!

So, we have been busy lately painting a lot of really cool pets.  I have had the privilege of meeting some really cool people and I LOVE it!

A few months ago, I was approached by a friend who has asked if I would consider teaching a Paint your Pet type class.  It’s kind of funny, I had never considered it.  Ironic, given how much my life revolves around pets of some sort.  Honestly, I think I was scared of failure.  The fear of letting people down.  One of the primary goals in teaching classes was that people would be able to relax, socialize and truly enjoy what they created.  Pets seemed scary.

But I said, sure….let’s give it a whirl.  I had a ton of response!  Apparently, people really love their pets.  WHO KNEW?!?!?!


For the pet classes, I did manage to get my new easels made.  I was actually pretty impressed with these little guys.  1.  I made them from scrap materials pretty much. 2.  They actually seem to work pretty well!

In this class, I had a couple of newbies and I can not lie….I was super nervous for them, because I didn’t want to let them down! But as they started to work and I started to see their paintings come together, I got really excited for each of them.  As they worked through each of the individual challenges of their pets, I could see their excitement grow. By the end of the class, I can not express how happy I was with them!

By the end, I think everyone was thrilled!  I even have some who want to come back to paint the rest of their 4-leggeds!  “B” in particular has 6 more to go because she is a saint who works with rescues!

Thank you for your dedication my friend.


Also, if you happened to notice the abnormally high amount of injuries in this group…for the record…. they were all injured BEFORE they came to my class.  I had NOTHING to do with it!

For the second group, they broke ALL the rules.  Just had to put that out there.  I have never had a group of such intense workers.  We had a blast.  It was also the first group who actually asked if I had tunes to listen to….which melted my heart.  I am a music junkie!

This group also had some newbies….a few who were probably more qualified than myself to teach this class!  To see each of them work, it was truly cool.  The best part, regardless of each of their previous experience, they each made their own progress in their work.  It’s all about challenging yourself sometimes, weather you are a veteran at something, or a new kid on the block, push your boundaries!


So, after the marathon painting session, I can honestly say that I think everyone left feeling accomplished with what they had created.  I had one…and maybe two…who might try to work on theirs a little more outside of class.  I was promised pics of completed works!  Which was another first, but it was great to see their dedication to their creations.


Check out the photo bomb job from Beau.  He’s the best!


Here was another first.  They aren’t spoiled or anything.



I have noticed a couple of things about teaching these classes.  People tend to be very nervous to put that first mark on a nice clean canvas.  I think that idea applies to life in general.  Some of the greatest journeys have to start with a step and it can be terrifying.  Who wants to make the wrong line, take the wrong steps or ruin what they think is a perfect canvas?  But at the end of the day….putting that first mark on, taking that first step…can lead to something truly beautiful and amazing.  Take pride in the journey.  Love to results of process.  It’s just all little decisions that come together to make something wonderful.


That was deep.

On that note…the hallway debacle is up next!  Ohhhhh, what a debacle it was…still is…lol!

Peace out peeps!


Oh. My. Word.

Hey everyone…

So, first off…my deepest apologies.  I have literally checked out on my blogging the last couple of months.  It’s been sad!  I have no clue who ACTUALLY reads this, but it saddens me, because I use the blog as another way of documenting the progress of the house.  So, with that being said, I might be the only person sad at the absence!

Over President’s Day weekend, I tackled the very UGLY office at the house and now that I have lived with it for a couple of months, I can honestly say, I LOVE IT!  At this point, all of the original house on the first floor has been painted and made to look a little bit more like home.  Since I have already completed the project, I figured I would just do a quick recap with you.

You can tell from the gorgeous mosaic of photos, the room was horrible.  It was dingy, and dirty (marks on walls and such) and definitely not my favorite room in the house!  It had just become a “whatever” room where I just threw things until I could decide what I wanted to do with them.


I have to tell you, when I put this paint sample on the counter at Home Depot.  The nice guy in the paint department kindly said, “Are you SURE you want THAT color?”.

Um.  Yeah, dude.  I know, it’s almost black.  That’s what I want!

For the record, in case you love it too, it’s called Poppy Seed.  Behr Paints.


Break time with my favorite pup…don’t tell Daisy!


Some of favorite things!

In this room, I had a problem with the door.  There used to be an original exterior door, which I hope to someday replace,  but I haven’t gotten there yet…I know, shocker, right?!?!  So, a good visual solution to this problem was to add some LONG curtains on either side of the window and the door.  Frankly, I am amazed they even survived.  The curtains had been shipped in a box that got wet.  I had put the box on the rug to dry.

Daisy found it.

That little cardboard eating meathead went to town on it. I came home from the gym to find this.


Luckily, the damage to actual curtains was minimal!


My second favorite area of the new room is my picture wall.  A lot of the pictures on this wall have been kept in boxes over the years and shuffled around.  I hate to admit it, but Mommy D.  had cross-stitched me to the two profiles of my two first horses (a mare and her filly) years ago, but I never found the right place for them. Now, they are home!  I love this wall.  I love the woodwork against the wall color, it’s the best!


My last favorite area of this new little room is my sitting area.  Once again, I brought out a painting that I have NEVER hung on an actual wall.

Probably because it’s not officially done.

Details. Schmetails.

The chair was heading to the garbage of my parent’s neighbors, but it was miraculously saved.  There are more plans for it in the future.  But overall, I think it came together wonderfully!

I have to say, as with most things in my world.  This room is a representation of everything about me.  There are so many family heirlooms in this room.  From Uncle Lawrence’s old Jenny-Lyn daybed, to the afghan I crocheted for my grandfather before he passed.  I love it.  It feels warm and safe and lovely.  I couldn’t ask for much more!

More recently, I have been playing with Photoshop on some ideas for the exterior of the house.  I have to say, I am SUPER excited.  Like…beyond words excited!  I finally feel like the vision I have had for the house in my head can be shared with everyone!

Primarily my Daddy-o…he can now see the potential!

So, what do you think?


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!   I know!!!  RIGHT?!?!?  She is a sexy bitch!!  Excuse the laguage.  Now, just to make it all happen.

First class of 2017 is next Sunday!  So, I am off to make easels for everyone.  Girl Cave here I come!

Peace out peeps!





















Well, it’s that time of year.  The twitching has begun.  I find myself glancing outside (at the rare moments I’m home when it’s still daylight out) to see if I can spot green little buds popping through the saturated earth.  I find myself day dreaming about the layout of the vegetable garden for the coming season.  I start planning out the summer projects and making lists of goals, both realistic and completely “lotto dream” based.


But in the interim, to feed my creative juices, I have started to plan out some indoor projects for my next two upcoming breaks.  I literally NEED to get messy and creative and see a room, or two, transformed!  So, until those little buds pop through the mud…oh, the mud…and until I can spend the days sweating to death on outdoor projects, I am resigned to working on inside projects.

I kinda want to do this!

Thankfully, between Pinterest and the constant flood of thoughts that roll through my head, I have so many ideas!  Does anyone else find Pinterest actually overwhelming??

First up is the office.  I plan to work on it over President’s Day weekend and hopefully will be able to rock it out.  Next up will be the steps and upstairs hallway.  I have scheduled that for my Spring Break (unless of course we are blessed with some wonderfully warm break…then I will be in trouble!).  Either way, within the next few months, I hope to make two more rooms in the house AMAZING!  Well, by my definition of amazing.  You might hate it, but that’s OK too!  Either way, they will be fresh, clean and no longer dingy white!

What colors to choose!


So, I guess this is my question….is anyone else in planning mode?  Itching to be creative?  Craving a need to work on SOMETHING….ANYTHING??  I guess it’s my way to fight the winter blues and cabin fever…make the cabin more beautiful, right?!?!?!

In the meantime, I have made some more adorable dog accessories!  More to come until those scheduled project breaks come!


Peace out peeps.




So, shocker….I have something to say on this topic.  I know…right???


I hate resolutions.  In fact, I never make them.  Every year, I toss around the idea, but never follow through.  What is the point?

Now, I have friends who are religious about their resolutions and I have nothing but admiration and respect for them.  In fact, anyone who can be that dedicated to something.

But, for me, resolutions should not be a once a year even.  Reflection and resolutions should occur throughout the year, even daily.  Because, in my humble experience, things happen from minute to minute that can change your outlook on your life.  Why do you need one holiday to make something happen?  You shouldn’t!

Apparently, I’m not alone either.  One quick Google search proved that there are plenty of people out there, for various reasons, who don’t believe in making resolutions.

So, here’s to a glorious New Year’s!  Do what you want and what is best for you at this time in your life!  That could change next week and you should be ready to adapt accordingly.  Life if about change.  Give and take.  Being about to bend and flex.  Here’s to YOU!!!


Stay safe out there tonight!

Peace out peeps.