Over the last few weeks, I have been diligently working towards putting in a vegetable garden.  I mean, I now live in a place where I can have one.  Planning, reading, researching, prepping.  I’m READY!

My poor father even got drug into it when I needed him to help me get the old cranky rototiller started.  That’s a story in it’s own right.  But after a few battles with the one tire, we were ready to go.  So, back on Mother’s Day, I got my first lesson in how to operate the beast of a machine.

I can’t lie.  It scared me.  It backfires.  You have to shut it off with your foot on the spark plug.  It can drag a linebacker ten feet easily.  It’s just a beast.

But you know me, I am game for pretty much anything.


As promised…there’s a pic of my Daddy-O.  He’s the best. Truly.

I did the first round on Mother’s Day…while my family watched the Cavs game…just saying!  lol!  Then in the next couple of weeks, I managed to get it tilled two more times….by myself I might add.

I still have all of my digits and no blood was lost.  Heck, I wasn’t even electrocuted when I shut the damn thing off.

I even have to admit, I kinda like the cranky old beast of a rototiller.  Like everyone in the world…it has personality.  You just gotta learn how to have a conversation with it.


Finally, this weekend, I bit the bullet and started planting.  Now, some think it might be a scotch to early.  But as usual, I can’t be told NOTHIN’!!

With plants and seed purchased and lots of planning done…I started digging!  I spent about 6 hours on Sunday working on it.


Total side note, one of the goals of working on projects at this house is to not get into the “rush”.  I really want to learn how to take my time and just enjoy the process as much as the results.  I am normally driven by needing to have something done NOW…so I’m trying to shift my thinking.  Part of the process on this day was enjoying the sunshine and breeze.  Mother Nature must have gotten her life back together.  Because it was perfect.  Bonus, if you look close at the roof of the barn…you’ll see my vultures hanging out.  Meet Larry, Curly and Moe.

After a long and productive afternoon….I was about 90% done!


I felt so connected at the moment I took this picture.  I thought of Grandpa B. and Grandpa D., who had both had gardens while I was growing up…one more successfully than the other.  I was so stinking proud of that beauty….and it just looks like I threw straw on the ground. In my head though, it was all green, lush, bountiful….gorgeous flowers blooming (zinnias for Grandma B, I just had too!).  It was a glorious feeling.

Until Daddy-O brought me right back to reality.  I texted this pic to both parents and said, “What do you think the Grandpas would have to say!”.  To which my Daddy-O promptly responded “Why can’t the rows be straight?”


They are straight…IT’S CALLED A DIAGONAL!!

He’s so right though.  Both of my Grandfathers would be less than happy with my artistic interpretation of a vegetable garden.

Fast forward 24 hours.


My bubble has been burst.

Meet Chuck.


Rat bastard.

Or should I say…Squirrel bastard.

They are actually kind of cool…. And if not for anything else, gave me a new topic to learn a little about.

But for the record.   It’s game on Chuck.  This is your eviction notice.

Ask Petunia.

Even the Mice.

Now, it’s your turn.  Pack your back and hit the road Jack…I mean Chuck.

This is MY garden and you’re NOT going to ruin it.


Peace out peeps.


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