So, I am on the homestretch of the school year, which means I am in the mad planning stage for what projects will get accomplished this summer.  Now, this summer is a struggle.  Because there is SOOOOOO much I want to tackle and frankly NEED to tackle.  But it’s a matter of priority, budget and time.

One of the biggest projects that needs attention is the storm cellar entrance to the house.

It’s a hot mess.

Honestly, I don’t even know how big of a hot mess.  But I am envisioning a horrible, steaming pile of crap hot mess.  It’s frightening to even think about how bad it is under that contraption.


This is what it looked like in October when I first got the place.  Trust me, doesn’t look much different now.  I added a few more layers to try to deflect the water from going straight in the basement, but just more crap on the already steaming pile.

I mean I did landscape around it…that helps, right? As dad would say…I’m polishing the brass on the titanic.

See it over there…on the right…lovely, huh?

Bet you didn’t think it could get worse.

It does.


This is from the basement.  Yep, that rotting “door” and a bunch of mud from where water has been leaching in over the years.  It does eventually make it’s way to a “drain” in the front of the house.  On it’s way though, it working on carving out my own personal mini version of the Grand Canyon.  It’s awesome.

It also leads me to really wonder what the “condition” of the steps are behind that awesome door!

So, I’ll be tackling that mess in a few short weeks.  But here’s what I need a vote on.

Should I keep the exterior storm cellar entrance to the house?


See where the weird comic symbol is?  Well, if I get rid of that storm cellar entrance and the tree, if will open up the tight parking area by the house.  If I keep it, the obvious bonus is that I would still have exterior access to the basement?  But is it worth it?  It would be cheaper and easier to just block it up and call it a day.

So, I am reaching out to you.  Anyone who has actually read this far…what would you you???  Feel free to comment below, or if you are getting to this post from Facebook…you can comment there too!


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