I know that many of you have been on the edge of your seats….just waiting for the final chapter of the Petunia/Petie story.

It is with a saddened heart that I must share with you the dire news.

Well, it’s not all dire.  Nor is it all final.  All I have is a string of clues that I have pieced together to formulate Petunia/Petie’s fate.

There has been no action at the hole.


At least not in 4 days.

First 24 hours of no entry or exit.  After 3 days, I went ahead and felt bold enough to squish some of the steel wool back into the hole.  The second picture was last night…and it looks exactly the same today!!

So, with all that being said, I decided to go ahead and risk fate and officially blog this as a success!! Petunia/Petie is OUTTA HERE!  EVICTED!  RELOCATED!  Heck, for all I know…possibly has joined the Witness Protection Program in fear of her/his life.

Note to Karma…let’s not try to be funny?  K?  K.

My final notes on this saga.  I tried multiple techniques.  I feel like none of them were working.  Something did eventually show up and ate the rain water logged can of cat food…yet did not get trapped.

**Note to self…might want to make some adjustments on the trip switch of the live trap.  Just saying.**

However, last piece of the puzzle. There was also a dead skunk on the road about 200 yards from the house also 4 days ago.


So, if this was my little buddy…RIP Petunia/Petie.  I wish it wouldn’t have had to be so dramatic.  I just wanted you to reside somewhere other than my crawl space.  Especially since you still hadn’t paid rent.

Just saying.

Peace out peeps.

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