Hey hey!

This is something I struggle with…every day of my life.  Truthfully, so do most of my friends.  It’s one of the topics we most commonly chat about on the phone, via texting, etc.

I guess it could be considered a sickness.  An obsession.  An elusive dream.

How can I possibly squeeze every millisecond of usefulness out of every minute of every day?

Note a particular conversation with a friend recently…

Have you ever tried to get to sleep and when you can’t…you get mad.  Literally angry.   Because you know that you only have so many hours to find that restorative amount of sleep to be efficient and productive for the next day.  Then when you start to get angry. You get angry that you’re getting angry… because you know it’s not helping one damn thing.  Then, you get to start the whole process over again, cleaning the thoughts out of your head, taking relaxing breaths, fighting the urge to look at your phone to see what time it is…blah, blah, blah.

Yep.  100%.


Anyway, back to the point.  When I bought the house, I thought I could do it.   Heck, I still think I can do it.  I can push a little harder, I can make more time, for more….everything. But, as much as I think I’m right…I might be wrong.

I have this vision that I can be a mix of Superwoman, Martha Stewart, Nicole Curtis and Suze Orman.   It’s probably not a very realistic reality.

But through the last few months, I have negotiated a series of challenges, nothing serious, but every day…every week, it’s been something.  I’m currently counting down the days until my next break when I can start cleaning out and repairing the two closets upstairs.  I am FIGHTING the urge to get into now, because I don’t have the time to dedicate to it, at least not properly.

I am starting to think that almost as valuable as the money it takes to restore an old home, is the time.

So, where do I steal time from?

Every person who loves and supports me.  I hedge time frames.  I rely on them to help me out with daily chores (thanks Momma for your recent duty with the ponies!).

The spoiled ponies…thanks Momma!

I squeeze in dinners.  I push myself to readjust the To Do List, to make more time where and when I need it.  It’s possibly the most challenging game of chess I have ever played…and ask J.S., I suck at chess.

But, in the end…Here’s to every one of you who fights this battle.  It’s wearisome. Exhaustive.  Challenging.  Sacrificing.  And in the end, probably a losing battle.

However, I want to believe it’s worth it.  Because if it’s important to you…there is always time for it.  Always.  You only have so many minutes on this planet, make them count. Every one of them.  Spend them with people you love.  Doing things you love.  Eating food you love.  Being in love.  Loving YOUR life!


Peace out peeps.



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