And….drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t win the lottery…Just wanted to put all of your worries to rest my friends.

Because I like to reflect, a lot, on pretty much everything, this post is going to be full of rambling insights.

Since I didn’t win the lottery, I’m back to scraping together pennies and nickels (working towards dimes and quarters! lol!) for projects at the house.  More reading.  More pinning. More questions.  More conversations.  More ideas.

Rinse and repeat.

I get frustrated.  Really frustrated.  I wish I had more time…and funds…for the house.  But I keep telling myself to be patient, it will come together.   Eventually.  After 100 days of building my relationship with my old beauty (I think I should name her!), I am sad I haven’t done more.  But I realize that I really have gotten a lot done in a fairly short period (let me mention that as I compiled this list, I was even impressed as I remembered more and more things!)

I have painted the kitchen.

I cleaned out the attic!!

Held two wonderful events with friends and family getting a chance to meet the old beauty.

Just lived in it.

I built a great cabinet thingy out of recycled cabinets from the house.

Learned that snow comes in around the upstairs weird exterior door.

I realized that I REALLY hate the basement.  But I think it’s because I can’t wait to fix the storm cellar entrance and just clean the basement out.  It’s just gross.

I put shelves in the kitchen cabinets.

That the outlet in the dinning room might be haunted…but just the outlet!

Most of all, I have learned to be more patient.  To love everything more.

Even the hinges.


Ironically when I read her post, I realized that that’s it.  The first day I went through the house, I fell in LOVE with every tiny, minute detail that had survived the last 158 years.  It is those little details that keep reminding me it will be ok.  It will take time and I will be exhausted and broke for the rest of my existence, but it will be ok.

One of my favorite details is this light…I use it DAILY.  I might just keep it after the renovations!!IMG_20150908_172804593

So, next up.  I have Monday off of work.  The list is already extensive of things I would LOVE to get done.  But there will be a reno project of some sort being done!  Photos to come.

Until then…should I name the house???  Nickname it?  Something funny?  I mean, I know people name cars…why not houses?  Any suggestions?




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