Hi everyone!

So, I have been struggling with a bit of a challenge lately.  My barn.  My big, old, glorious, airy, stunning, huge bank barn.  I love it.  Every inch of the monstrous mess.

This last weekend, we were blessed with 60+ degree weather in Northeast Ohio.   I actually worked out in the yard in a t-shirt and jeans!  It was pretty surreal actually.  But, this leads me to the topic at hand.  With the cows gone, I had my first chance (with daylight that is) to walk around the entire barn and “assess” it a little more.  When I first bought the place, the weeds were higher than my waist, so the cows cleaned that part up nicely.  But, oh….my….it’s slightly depressing.

This is the back of the barn, obviously…there are some roof issues…

I have huge plans for this barn. I am going to be perfectly honest, delusional plans.  Hopes.  Dreams.

But I do love it.

Pipe dreams.

But aside from those plans, I would really love to just SAVE this piece of history.  I just have no idea how to do it.  It’s a very simple problem. Funding.  I am working on getting some quotes to just stop the deterioration  any further.  I know that if I can’t save it, I have to know that I at least exhausted every idea I could come up with.  I have to be ok with it…but it is sickening to me.  I look at these barns and I just get all…yeah…romantic.

Really romantic.  Sentimental.  Mushy.  Sappy.

I admire the people who built these things.  Every single little thing that went into putting this massive structure together.  Every piece was cut or made by hand and someone, lots of someones, touched every piece of the place.  The community.  The people.  The work.  They built that barn…and this country.

Those who are reading this, who actually know me, know I am pretty fiercely independent person.  I have had to swallow my pride on this one and realize, I can not do this alone.  A community of people came together to build it, and maybe a community of people can help save it.  So, I’m pushing forward in my campaign to save it, pride swallowed.

Ok, so this is a little sadder.  Apparently the cows have no respect for aesthetics.

Oh lord…it’s Monday… and way to early for my soapbox speech!  Lol!

Quick facts on the barn:

It was built in 1857, making it 159 years old.

It is 40×80 and approximately 3 stories tall from the lower level all the way up (maybe more, I haven’t been brave enough to climb to measure….yet)

It was built 1 year before the current house (the first house was in 1831) and was a pivotal part of the property being used as a stagecoach stop.

Apparently, the bottom was for horses and it was where the stagecoach horses were rested.

It looked like this in 1971 (this is a negative, the barn would have still been painted a darker color). So, in a mere 45 years, it has taken a drastic downhill turn.


So, as a good friend asked me…what is my plan.

  1. Continue to save nickels, dimes and dollars.  Just hope and pray I can save faster than it deteriorates.
  2. Continue to buy random lotto tickets (always under 5 bucks and typically on a whim…no worries, I’m not addicted).
  3. Continue to try to win on MyCokeRewards…my body will fall apart from the amount of Diet Coke I’m drinking, but it will be worth it!
  4. There is a GoFundMe, https://www.gofundme.com/savethisbarn Maybe there are people out there who would want to help save it. The barn is worth far more than my pride in that regard.
  5. Ellen.  I will write Ellen.  I just hope she finds me funny.  Plus, they like horses…and I’ve seen pictures of her barn…GORGEOUS!
  6. Continue to save nickels, dimes and dollars.  Just hope and pray I can save faster than it deteriorates.  🙂

Thank you for reading this.  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to just share this post…get my goal a little further out there in the world.  Any little bit will help!








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