A few weeks ago, I decided that it would be a great idea to have my first party…as an adult.  Now, mind you, I have always steered clear of hosting parties.  They totally stress me out.

I worry about how much food.  The dogs annoying people.  Not cleaning well enough (mind you, I am slightly obsessive). Not having enough seats.  Not talking to everyone.  Where to park everyone.  How will everyone mingle? The dogs escaping. I mean, you think of it, I fret over it.

So…nothing like planning my first party for 32 days after I get the keys to the biggest house project I have ever taken on. Let’s do this!!

The first 28 days have been spent unpacking, cleaning, organizing and cleaning some more.  No worries, it won’t be done…lol!  It will be 96.2% done, but definitely not 100%.  I am trying to cope with this failure.

I have made progress though, in all of the important areas.  Like the garage.  After a large chunk of time on Sunday, I have half of a functioning garage space.  I hope the guests really enjoy my hard work!  We should serve the food out here, they can admire the structural engineering feat of that roof (more on that later).

A comparasion shot.
A comparasion shot.
First trailer load of trash out of the house and garage.

But, my mom…she’s on it.  Like bees on honey.  She is amazing.  She has lists.  She schedules her time.  She is prepared. She has been working on it for two weeks, timing everything on her lists perfectly. She is the glue holding this thing together at this point.  Because, she is a saint who deals so well with my crazy notions and ideas!

See, organized and AMAZING!
See, organized and AMAZING!

The party is this Sunday, I am going to photobomb people left and right for future posts and documentation purposes (that I actually have hosted a party…maybe the next one I’ll try without relying on my momma so much!).  So, if you are on the invite list, wear your Sunday best, you’re gonna be a celebrity! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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